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Our local Pastor is
Brynhildur Óla Elínardóttir

Brynhildur was ordained as a pastor of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland in 1996, but graduated as Cand.theol. from the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Iceland in 1995.


She served in Bakkafjörður, North East Iceland for a quarter of a century and has recently relocated to serve the community at Snæfellsnes Peninsula.


Along with her service, Brynhildur has been a sheep farmer and enjoys herself best in the company of good people, out in nature, and amongst animals.


Brynhildur is always open to new experiences and has in the past worked as a policewoman, painter, fisherman and park ranger in the highlands of East Iceland.

About ceremonies in Búðakirkja

The most common ceremonies in Búðakirkja are weddings.

Brynhildur is always happy to conduct services but it is also welcome to bring your own pastor to officiate.


But there are rules, set by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, that must always be honored.

- only officiants of the Christian religion can conduct religious services in the church.

- legally binding ceremonies can only be performed by a Christian officiant.

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