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House rules and guidelines

Búðakirkja is both a parish church and a unique building used for many different occasions. The church is over 170 years old and is protected by the Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland and is in the care of the local parishioners. 

To be able to protect the church building, the heritage, and Búðakirkja´s status and values, then there have been put together rules to help all who want to come to the church to find the right way about things.

We hope it will help you to plan your event or give you practical information before your visit.

Rules for public access to Búðakirkja

Those who are interested in gaining access to Búðakirkja outside the advertised opening or activities, whether it is to see the church or to have an event or ceremony there, are required
to first contact the church keeper by email:

• Anyone who wants to visit Búðakirkja has the possibility to rent it for a short time, regardless of residence, religion, gender, race, or origin.

• A visit or use of Búðakirkja outside the advertised opening or activities should always be in
consultation with the church keeper.

• Activities related to congregational work and activities for parishioners of Búðakirkja have
priority in the church. This should be taken into account when requests to book the Church are made.

• Responsibility for ceremonies and congregational work in Búðakirkja is in the hands of the parish priest in consultation with the parish committee.

• All inquiries regarding requests for religious or church services in Búðakirkja,
are referred by e-mail to the parish priest.

• Those who request access to Búðakirkja must explain their intended use of the church.
Whether it is a visit, an event, a ceremony, or something else so that it can be ensured that everything that takes place there fits within the values ​​and position of Búðakirkja.

• Búðakirkja is protected by the Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland, and therefore it is not permitted to make any changes to the church or its surroundings without consultation with the church keeper. This applies to the transfer of church items, installation of any new things, decoration, or anything else that differs from the usual appearance and surroundings of Búðakirkja.

• Due to the risk of fire, it is not permitted to have an open flame in or near Búðakirkja. That applies to candles, incense, torches, primuses, barbecues, and all other open fires. It is only allowed to light the candles in the candlesticks from 1767 on the altar during ceremonies.

• When celebrating a bride and groom after a wedding ceremony, soap bubbles can be blown. It is not allowed to disperse grains, ornaments, rice, rose petals, or any other matter in or around Búðakirkja.

• Guests are asked not to have any food or beverages in Búðakirkja.

Guests who visit Búðakirkja are asked to show consideration and respect to
the church. Always take rubbish with you and keep the cemetery gates closed.
It is forbidden to rummage through objects, climb on the church, climb the cemetery walls or spoil the nature in Búðir.

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