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Búðakirkja does not have any set opening hours
and is generally not open to the public on a daily basis.

But that does not mean that it is not used, or is completely inaccessible.
The church can be used for diverse types of events and purposes.

Here you can take a look at the most common events in Búðakirkja. 


Weddings are our most popular events. Whether you want to get legally married, renew vows, or just proclaim your love to your soulmate. You can do so, with family and guests, or just intimately the two of you.

Búðakirkja can add to your special day. 


Búðir church is one of the most photographed buildings in Iceland. People come a long way just to capture the beauty of this unique building in its remarkable surroundings. Others come to photograph commercials, wedding photoshoots, fashion, or other types of content making. Everyone is welcome to come to Búðir and take photos, but if you like to come in and capture the beauty from the inside- then make contact and we can help you out.


Búðir church is ideal for small concerts and music events. The acoustics are good and there can be interactive closeness between the musicians and the guests due to the small size of the church. Local people are always up for new experiences, so if you like to come and play, -then we could perhaps also be your audience.


Búðir church is also popular for baptisms. Intemete ceremony with close

family and friends to welcome a new person into the world.- a great start.

Visit the church

Búðir church has a deeply rich history tied to the people who lived here and nature all around. We love to welcome all types of groups to the church, tell the story, maybe share some songs and answer questions about life and times in Snæfellsnes - come and discover the mysteries of Búðakirkja.